Monday, January 3, 2011

i hate it when you leave but love to watch you walk away

So I hate the number 11. This is obviously going to be problematic for the next 362 days but I feel as if I can get used to it. I don't mind November but I just don't like "2011". I prefer even numbers. 2008 was a year I liked numbers wise. I actually don't like New Years much at all. No matter what is planned it never really lives up to the hype. Downtown fancy parties, concerts, bars, I've done it all but chinese food and hanging out with Betty is the best way to spend it.

I hate figuring out where I'm going to put my next tattoo. I originally wanted "patience" on my wrist but not in black which I absolutely hate and think is super tacky. I know that many people have those tattoos and I'm sorry but I just think they look silly. I wanted to do it in the ultra violet white light but it still is untested and not 100% so I don't want to take any risks. A friend is a tattoo artist and he suggested simply tattooing what I want it a shade darker than my skin tone which I think would work. I'm funny about my tattoos because I don't like them to be seen if you look at me. I have one on my back to the left which the guy I'm seeing loves and so do most people but unless I'm in a bathing suit or my birthday suit, you don't really see it. The same for the one on my front. Whats weird is I want to get "patience is the companion of wisdom" but either on the inside of my arm, what? or somewhere on my back. I hate deciding on tattoos.

I also hate sneezing when I drive. I feel like I've said that before but it's really true. Also I hate dry contacts, dry skin, and running out of shampoo. My mom is a doll and bought me Purology shampoo and conditioner for xmas so I am fully stocked with amazing product which really makes a huge difference. Shout out to my boss who recommended it!

I hate when he leaves. I never get to see him enough and I hate seeing him walk down the stairs, out of my building with his scent still on my skin. I hate having to hide things when all I want to do is talk about how I feel when he kisses me or holds my hands or just smiles at me. I know I need patience but it's definitely hard at times. I haven't felt this way in so long and it feels so good to be excited to see his name on my phone.

I also hate flight delays, bad parkers, people who leave bad tips, and drama queens.

I am loving my new laptop and having internet back.



andygirl said...

I hate all those things too!

I've been wanting a bird on my forearm forever. a swallow. but now that my cat has cancer, I feel like I want something for her. not sure what. tattoos. they're a challenge.

nova said... need black in your tattoo! YOUUUUU NEEEEEED BLAAAACK. AAAAAAAAAAAAH

DSS said...

Pat the brakes. I HATE tattoos. That being said, what is this color that is one shade darker than your skin? Now THAT could be interesting. It's like being daring, but not too daring. Me likes. I must investigate. Almost like it's a secret :) You have to be clever enough to notice. Hmmm...

"Miss Bee" said...

Sneezing when you drive is the worst. I never realized how much I hate it until you mentioned it.

Being excited to see somebody's name is the best feeling in the world. I wish they could bottle it.

I have been considering one more tiny tattoo right behind my earlobe - it would only see it when my hair is pulled back...

leymilne said...

Ahhh bad parkers! It's like as soon as the snow hits people suddenly assume that they need *almost* a car length between them and the next car, but not enough for someone to actually park there. I hear you on the bad parkers.

Also? I hear you on the excitement and the butterflies. The worst is when it seems like they aren't there anymore, but then they come back suddenly and it's ten bazillion times better than Christmas or Easter or any other day where I eat way too much food.

Anonymous said...

Sneezing + driving is probably one of my least favorite things ever. EVER. So scary. I'm always afraid of what might happen.

Oh, and bad tippers/no tippers? Really get to me. I used to be a waitress and so yeah, that really resonates with me.

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