Saturday, February 26, 2011

please stop it italicizing at me.

I really hate when bloggers and writers think that what they are saying is so profound and prolific that it must be highlighted, put in bold, underlined or put in a bigger font. I get that you want the reader to really understand what and how you're saying it but come on. If your writing isn't good enough to do that so you need gimmicks and visual effects to get your point across, try writing better. This does not apply to being cute or fun or just adding some color or pizazz to a page but to writers who are being serious and really trying to make a point. One of my favorite bloggers to read is Brandy from It's like I'm... mmmagic. She writes profound and heartfelt posts and that girl needs no gimmicks. Her writing speaks for itself and people feel her words without any bold necessary. That's writing to me. Can you imagine reading a book where its all bolds and highlights? I can and its called a comic book. There are pictures and very few words involved. I think I just hate that everyone calls themselves a writer these days because they can put words together on the internet. The 6 year old kid I babysit can do that and I assure you he would call himself a kid, student and hockey player and not a writer.

Also? I hate people who think I want to read their views on entertainment and fashion and awards shows. That's what Perez Hilton and Joan Rivers are for.

I do love when people talk about recipes though because who doesn't want to know how to cook better and see what real people think. I love you Rachel Ray but those meals are not 30 minutes and we all don't have a fully stocked kitchen with every food and utensil ever made. Also I like seeing how real people substitute weird ingredients.

I hate how red wine can stain lips.

I hate when jeans lose their shape after a wear and I consistently have to rewash my fav pairs.

I hate losing pens, when I run out of contact solution right before bed, dropping my toothbrush and having to get a new one in a less pretty color, overcooked steak, when it's to hot to sleep, when I really miss someone, hypochondriacs, and when drive thru's get my order wrong.

Also I hate when I'm so cold my nose/hands/feet gets cold and how long laundry takes in fancy washers and dryers even though it's well worth it.


ohh....I don't hate my new tattoos.


"Miss Bee" said...

Wow! I've never seen one like your "patience." Is it raised? Gorgeous!

TaraBeara said...

I like your tattoos!

Bitter Betty said...

Love the tatoos! Especially the patience one!

Anonymous said...


I just am catching up on blog reading (since you know, I just blogged three times in one month in March and feel so full of zip that I am pretending I can tackle my google reader without breaking a sweat) and can I just say... reading a post and seeing your own name mentioned and in such a positive way... well let's just say you made my day!

(Also, your tattoos are gorgeous. I teach the third grade. I need "patience" tattooed all over me!)

Lauren said...

Hilarious! Love it. Love everything about it.

Except the italics thing. Over at teh Q+DD we think Italics are the new black. Huzzah!

Great post.

xx, LK

Lauren said...


FishHawk said...

"We Hate You. Love, Us" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

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