Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Because I Can

Right now I am hating on people who go on twitter to say things like "oh no, dont spoil Glee" "omg people suck! why do they have ruin things #glee". Seriously? DON'T GO ON TWITTER! That's it. Easy. You won't know what happened and you will save everyone who follows you from having to roll their eyes and say "shut up" out loud so the person next to them looks up, wondering whats going on. I hate you.

Also? People who complain about being heavy on their blogs and clothes not fitting and then ALWAYS posting via their blogs/twitter/whatever how they eat chocolate and candy and sweets and go out to dinner all the time. It's no wonder you are gaining weight. Working out can only go so far...75% of losing weight is what you eat. I mean when I put on the lbs it's not a mystery to me, I know it's the chinese food and eating fast food and heath bars. It's not rocket science...I hate you.

I am calling out the bitch on Glee who is Jesse St James dance partner. That stank face, bad attitude, and aren't you like 35? She was all sorts of mean and poor Rachel!! Lead dance girl, I hate you!




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