Monday, July 26, 2010

Emily Post and I hate you

I hate people who decide to cross the street when they don't have the right of way and then leisurely stroll along holding up traffic. For that matter people who honk at you to drive when the sign clearly says "no turn on red", I hate you too. If you would like to pay my red light ticket, go right ahead but until then sit there and shut up. Green means go, not the sound of your horn.

I hate people who cut in lines. Who complain about the bagger to their face while on their cell phone. Who come into the 10 items or less lane with 15 or more items and think it's fine. One or two items I can understand but five or more? And then you don't know where you money is. And you're still on the cell phone.

Oh and people who have NO idea what they're doing in self checkout. I get you want to be adventurous or are trying to avoid the long lines but please don't. Your lack of skill and the huge grocery cart of things just holds the rest of us up who only have wine, shampoo, and dog treats {total single girl purchase}.

For that matter, people who get into the expert travelers lane at airports when they have no place being there. I am not going to lie, I judge you while you fumble with you shoes, go slow, and think you have all the time in the world. {Sorry Dad but you take WAY to long with your shoes and belt}. When I hit the line, my flip flips are off, bag ready, nothing in my pockets, and ticket in hand. That's why it's called expert.

When I hold open the door for you? A nod, a 'thank you', a smile, any acknowledgment that we are two people in life worthy of respect? that would be nice. If we are crossing paths, don't walk right into me. At least try to move and I'm pretty sure an "excuse me" wouldn't kill you. When I'm in line, how about some space? Unless you're Eric Northman, I don't think I want my body touching yours.

People who lack manners and common courtesy? I hate you.




myuncensoredlife said...

I hate all of these things too! Good job summing it up! :-)

andygirl said...

oooh the space in line thing KILLS me! I shouldn't be able to smell your breath, buddy boy.

DSS said...

completely agree...with everything...but most especially those darn people in airports who act as if they have NO IDEA they may be required to take their laptop out of their bag or take their shoes off. Uggghh....

Anonymous said...

Yes! I can't stand when I am the only person in the "fast" lane at the airport who knows what she's doing. So frustrating.

And is it so hard to not talk on your cell phone when you're checking out of any place? I don't think so. Darn cell phones have ruined people's courtesy.

Kayla said...

Love this post..

And I personally think that Eric Northman could punch me in the face and I'd be alright with it.

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