Friday, July 23, 2010

mtv, i hate you

Dear Mtv,

I hate you. I literally hate you with a burning anger in my chest. What you did with the voting was ridiculous and I'm pretty sure rigged. Please explain to me how the girl with the top votes and tweets and the biggest heart didn't make it into the final 5?

This is a contest for a twitter tj right? So you would think you would want the person who actually tweets the most, with actual content, replies to every comment made to her, AND ACTUALLY FOLLOWS HER FOLLOWERS would be the top candidate and who you want to win.

I hate that we had to jump through hoops to even vote and that LiLu did so much and yet somehow, your number 1 is a person who doesn't even follow her followers or seem to care.

But seriously, I really need you to explain the situation and why you even made tweet levels so important if you then ignored it. You were obviously smart to pick LiLu in the first place, so what gives?

I don't want my Mtv and I won't be watching.

Teen Mom, you will be missed.

The only way you can redeem yourself Mtv is if you didn't want LiLu to win because you're giving her her own tv show. Then all will be forgiven.

Until then I hate you.


Dear Lilu,

We all love you and know you're amazing and no matter what, you're a success. Guest spot on Community? If we can all tweet to get you on mtv which clearly sucks, let's get you on what matters!!

You have the biggest and best heart. You are a funny and kind and amazing person and we all love you and are proud!



Dear MTV,

I hate you. When I was 5 years old and my parents got cable, I wasn't excited about Nickelodeon. I was excited about MTV. Of course it was forbidden in my house, so I would wake up extra early in the morning when they were still in bed and watch it with the volume low. I would throw on my ballet leotards and pretend that I was Madonna mouthing the words to "Like a Virgin" without knowing what it really meant. I loved your network and I was a devoted fan for many years.

Over the years, I really don't know what's happened to MTV. When the M stands for "music", I want to know why I have to wait until midnight to see a music video but you constantly air shows like "silent library" which have NOTHING to do with music. It came to the point that when I switched cable providers, I didn't even know what number your channel was on because you had nothing I wanted to watch. When this competition started, I felt like you were finally doing something worthwhile and I started watching again...but you failed.

Lilu was a girl who gave her ALL to this contest. She was consistently in the top 3 if not in the top spot for the entire contest. You claimed that the top 4 would make it to the final competition. And now people with lower twitter levels made it into the top (not that I have anything against those people since I don't know them) But really, what happened to following the rules? Or if we're all wrong about the rules, how about you make them clearer? Because none of us can understand what happened. When your main viewers are teenagers, you should teach and promote honesty and fairness. I don't think you did that here.

Obviously this is your loss. Losing me as a viewer may have little impact, but losing Lilu is the biggest mistake you've ever made. MTV, today our relationship has to end. It's not me - it's you.




Check out #reasonsmtvsucks from Rachel / @mominreallife

  • #reasonsmtvsucks they are one full frontal "slip up" from being porn.
  • #reasonsmtvsucks Can anyone remember the last time the network actually did good for the world instead of bringing it down to it's level?
  • Remember that kid that ate paste in your 1st grade class? Yeah he's the president of @MTV now...
  • #reasonsmtvsucks My dog eats shit, pukes, and licks her ass. Apparently she could have her own show on @mtv
  • #reasonsmtvsucks apparently their ranking of "talent" is based off of how many STDs you can catch
  • #reasonsmtvsucks if 20somethings weren't willing to get wasted in front of a camera they wouldn't have anything to put on TV


Matt Stratton said...

Damn, I hadn't noticed her "STD" tweet. It makes mine look like a rip-off. Curses!

andygirl said...

oh really? I'm bummed!!

so I worked for MTV one summer, not the main office, but one of its production companies. and they're all pretty much dicks.

Lilu, MTV isn't good enough for you!

LiLu said...

Thank you so much, lady friend. What you gonna do? On to the next!

Jennifer said...

MTV hasn't played any real music related shows for years! All they play is reality shows with people who don't really have any morals. Like The Real World, which is just drunk people fighting!

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