Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things I Hate to Love (or why I hate spending but love buying these things)

So I hate spending money but love buying things. After my horrible last week I decided to have a very good week this week. So far that has meant going to the library and reading a ton of books and playing with my pups and talking to the best friend and seeing friends at a neighborhood bar and seeing about a gillion tweets about brand ambassadors and posts about freebies, which got me thinking. What would I love to represent? What things are my must have's or what am I dying to try?

So instead of things I really hate I'm going to share all the things I love and why I don't hate them. Cause its our blog and we'll love things if we want to.

smashboxx's camera ready full coverage concealer

When I saw Betty for her birthday we went shopping at the Sephora counter and I found this amazing product. Well the girl working found it and Betty convinced me to get it since it really made such a huge difference and I thank her daily because of it. I hate under eye bags and I have them worse than Sookie has people trying to kill her. This product goes everywhere with me and for $18 I consider it a huge steal. It also works great on any small pimples and after my first weeks of working out where I was breaking out like a teenager, it saved my life. It goes on easy and you only need a small amount so it lasts a while. I can't wait to try their tinted moisturizer.

I just bought a new duvet, comforter, end of the bed blanket/matching pillow, lamps, and curtains and I am loving my bedroom. My Dad just bought an entire kitchen from there so we've been there like once a week for the last month. Duvets are kind of my new thing because my older dog has a tendency to pee on my bed when she's mad and it makes washing things a lot easier. Also just in general washing is easier and it gives me more versatility. So Ikea, I might hate your parking lot but I love everything else and can't wait to use you for my dining room.

gap jean jacket
I might not be a brand ambassador and get this for free but I'm still rocking the gap jean jacket I've had for years and it has not let me down. I wore it last fall over a black old navy tank dress when I met my crush and it was a hit. I pretty much love wearing it over any dress and when I work office jobs I loved pairing it with a skirt or cute pants. The versatility is such a plus (although you will never catch me rocking the double denim look). Fall is a top season for me and this jacket is honestly the best accessory to have along with a cute and rugged man to hold hands with and pick pumpkins. If I was working I would definitely have my eye on a new classic one because everyone knows Gap does denim the best. Also, a guy in a jean jacket? makes. me. swoon. Reminds me of an old high school flame that worked at a gap and to this day makes the jacket look sinfully delicious.

The only thing I hate? That its too hot to start wearing it.

The Others Series and The Casa Dracula Series, oh and the NightWorld!!
The Others is a series about vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves that stands out in a suddenly over crowded genre. It's more mature than Twilight and has more classic romance style than the Sookie books (with less mystery/suspense ). The writing is good but I'm mostly tuning in for the steamy sex scenes. The books are scorching hot, funny, and a bit ridiculous but overall a total pleasure to read. Not all books can be as good as Sookie but that doesn't mean they can't be enjoyable. I like books where characters crossover and I admit it, I'm a series addict. So if you want romance, supernatural, sex, and a fast read, go for it.

The Casa Dracula series is all about the laughs. Marta Acosta's writing is funny, playful, and it's honestly nice to see a non white heroine. Milagro De Los Santos is sassy, smart, and someone you want to be friends with. The next book Haunted Honeymoon comes out in September and I can't wait. Honestly, with all the series vamp books, its so fun to read something silly, intelligent, and full of Spanish words with pop culture references.

LJ Smith was really before Stephanie Meyers and really started the teen vampire love books, chaste but romantic, and forbidden love. She created The Vampire Diaries and a few other series which people love. Her Nightworld series deal with soulmates and obviously the paranormal. Much better writing than Twilight although much shorter novels. I love the Twilight series but seriously who didn't cringe at Stephanie Meyers writing. The only thing worse is KStews ridiculous portrayal of Bella. {Siderant: Bella in the books is clumsy but sweet,not an antisocial grump who's just rude}

With all the good books, I only hate that I have to wait for more to come out.

I am really debating on doing this. I really wish I had the $500 so I could travel to all the places in the US I want to see for the first time or where friends are like: Colorado, DC, Seattle, Miami, Texas. Dear Jetblue, you can totally sponsor me to do this and let me blog about all the random cities and the awesomeness of this promotion. I really hate not having the money since I most definitely have the free time and like flying.


Sometimes it's nice to hate to love things. I hate that I love Teen Mom, Dunkin Donuts at 2am, spending money I shouldn't on things for my dogs, Tara the last few episodes of True Blood, and the Panda Express drive thru.

What are some things you guys hate to love?



andygirl said...

mmmm I love Ikea too! I never understand people who hate Ikea (I suspect they truly don't understand Ikea). :D

um, what do I hate to love?

shoe stores. any of them.
eating out

leymilne said...

I love/love flying, hunting for the perfect shoes/purse/accessories, nights at fancy hotels, and wine.

I hate/love mango smoothies (SO.ADDICTING.), my crackberry, Victoria's Secret & Sephora (I spend waaaaay too much money).

DSS said...

So this concealer is really where it's at? Because I need to find a new one. I used to never wear concealer, but as of late I've had some "blemishes" and I need something that will actually work!

Marta said...

Hello, Veronica, thanks for the kind review of my Casa Dracula books! So relieved you didn't hate them.

Ya know, I wrote a funny book called Nancy's Theory of Style about a stylish character who hates a lot of things. There is a right way to do something (Nancy's way) and a wrong way (everyone else's way). Send me an email if you'd like a copy.

Also, I hate shoes with wooden heels and/or platforms. I do not want footwear that has required a lumberjack's involvement. I love running into old friends and the scent of their cologne reminds you of times you spent together.

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