Friday, August 20, 2010

My Future Blouse is Not Your Washcloth

Dear Girls Wearing Too Much Makeup While Trying On Clothes,

I hate that you leave makeup residue on clothes you try on. You drive me crazy. Truthfully, I bet that you’re a pretty girl without covering your face with 20 different products, but I won’t judge – I’m a girlie girl who likes to wear makeup too. But please, can you be a little more considerate when trying on clothes?

There is nothing worse than going to a store when a beautiful silk top catches your eye and you can imagine 20 different ways you’d wear it and you realize there’s only one left and it’s in your size(!!!)…and then see that there are streaks of foundation on the front.
The same applies for 1) bronzer, 2) blue eyeshadow, and 3) red lipstick I've seen on clothes recently. There are also instances of deodorant marks and awful drugstore perfume, but I'll let that slide. Sure, I could risk buying it and praying that it will wash out, but we both know this won't work. I know that the store definitely won’t let me return it and really, I don’t want to deal with it.

You know you’re wearing makeup. Take two extra seconds before pulling that shirt over your head to make sure you don’t touch your face. Not only will that allow me to add a gorgeous piece to my wardrobe, but you won’t have to walk around the store with streaks across your face. That's definitely not a good look.




Anonymous said...

Amen to that! If they can put little signs in the change rooms reminding people not to try on swim wear without under garments on, why can't they do the same for women who spackle their face every morning? Sheesh. - G

andygirl said...

I worked retail for 7 years and that is the peeve of my whole retail life. how hard is it to shop makeup free??? and I always had to damage that shit out so I that shirt went against my daily sales. grrrrrr.

E said...

Ew I hate when people wear SO much makeup! It looks bad, you don't need to wear that much... I also HATE when people have that line in their chin area which shows the makeup line compared to their regular colored neck. So awkward...

Love your blog!


DSS said...

Amen sister. Amen!

Anonymous said...

YES! That makes me crazy too. I hate it, and it's almost always the last shirt or dress in that style. So frustrating!

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't talk, because I wear a lot of makeup too, but I definitely take extra care to never touch my face to the clothes when I'm putting on clothes, especially in a dressign room! Yuck! Some people amaze me.

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