Sunday, September 5, 2010

No taksies No keepsies

I hate when people have something of mine and refuse to give it back. If you know you have my Tiffany's bracelet which I got when I graduated highschool, give it back. I don't care if you borrowed it and we lost touch, you're my facebook friend and I see you update so don't act like you didn't see my message in your inbox. FB leaves a little red notifier until you check it out. Rude.

I hate when someone has my xbox because I was nice enough to let them borrow it for a week while they get their cable set up and then when I ask for it back because my awesome best friend Betty got me an xbox live subscription and a netflix subscription and I want to start using it and never leave me house, they start acting shady. I hate that a month later they are still trying to be funny on the phone but are somehow never home or can't just drop it off to me. It's not yours. Plain and simple. Not. Yours.

Kindergartners learn about no taksies no keepsies, so why can't you?

I finally had to go over, tell them I was there, and was like, I'm taking it. They were like fine because what could they do? They knew that it was mine and they don't lock their door and the landlord has no problem letting me in. I hate having to act that way but enough is enough. So in addition to being a jerk, they make me hate them for putting me in a situation where I had to act against my more laid back nature.

I hate when people borrow my books and don't return them. Except for Betty and my Mom, I pretty much refuse to borrow books. Last time I borrowed my copy of Enders Game to someone, I had to track them down to a Walgreen's to get it back. My books hold sentimental memories for me, especially that copy and I wasn't about to let months go by without asking for it. I clearly learned my lesson from the Tiffany's bracelet.

Seriously though, Netflix? Amazing. I got to know 30 Rock pretty well last night and even took it to bed with me (thanks iphone Netflix app!) I watched some Up and you know that since Center Stage is on, I will be rewatching my fav scenes over and over.

Last week I definitely did not hate the amount of good looking boys I was in the company of. I saw "The Other Guys" with my hot hot friend/crush who is an amazing person and I can be 100% myself with. We had dinner and then saw the movie and I really don't know a nicer guy.

Then the next night I saw a friend I hadn't seen in about 5 years. We met, went out a few times and whatnot and have stayed friends all this time. He has been all over the place for school but we always have ghcat and whatnot so we've stayed pretty close. Tall and handsome, extremely intelligent (dude went to Harvard, what?), and funny, he's awesome. We hung out, had some food, and ended the night with a conversation on boy bands and lady gaga. I hate that more guys like that seem to live everywhere but my city. As Betty and the girls from B*Witched would say, C'est La Vie.

Also this week I saw my hot hook up. Well we always hook up when we see each other but we don't hang out otherwise although we have many mutual friends. Which leads me to why I hate people with big mouths who love to cause trouble and proclaim innocence. Seriously, don't you get tired of being so phony? Betty always says that whatever else people want to say about me, they always know where I stand. When you get caught being an asshole, don't blame it on the weatherman, blame it on yourself (what? 2 b*witched references? yeah that's how I roll). Anywho I saw the guy and it's nice to share a kind of darker, intimate, almost animalistic (is that even a word?) relationship that's very separate from my normal life.

I guess it's like Golidlocks searching for the right bed. I'll know it when it feels right but it can be fun trying to get there.

Oh! I hate when I let my hair air dry for too long before I blow dry!

Also, my new job (nothing exciting but something new and fun. Ever see the movie waiting? It's like that) Anway it has kept me super busy, I worked a double yesterday and my feet were dying! Thank God Liz Lemmon and Tracy Jordan were there to distract me.

Also Also....I already call JWoww for my Halloween Costume. LiLu, I expect something Jersey from you! I'll come visit if you do :)

Gators needs his gat. Don't go chasin waterfalls.

Seriously, go see "the other guys" before it leaves theaters.




andygirl said...

honey, sounds like you need to stop lending your stuff out. just have a rule. no one borrows my stuff. easy. you're obv just too nice!

also? isn't netflix the best invention ever? I watched all the seasons of 30 Rock, Heroes, Weeds, and Futurama when I signed up. Now I'm working my way through Bones. LOVE IT!

Candy said...

This annoys me to no end. Someone borrowed a gorgeous evening bag from me for a party MONTHS ago and still hasn't returned it!! How to ask her for it without seeming rude...? Sigh.

LiLu said...

I would LOVE to do something Jersey... if I didn't know there was going to be 10,000 Snookis and Situations up in this piece. I gotta think bigger... but what??

Jennifer said...

I'm hoping Tracy Jordan can E.G.O.T. this season on 30 Rock. He needs some credit for his awesome acting/singing/songwriting skills.

And I seriously hate loaning things to people. Especially clothes. My sister lost my favorite dress and I used to have to go into my stepsister's room and dig through her hamper to get my stuff back from her. So rude! Sharing is overrated.

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