Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Up With Auto-Flush?

Last night while out to dinner with my husband, I made a quick trip to the ladies room. After locking the door to the stall, I turned around and the auto-flush on the toilet went off and splashed a substantial amount of water all over my skirt. Not cute.

I hate auto-flush toilets.

I remember when auto-flush started showing up in public bathrooms. I must have been 10 or so and I thought "wow, what an amazing invention!" I was convinced it was the cure for those people who forget to flush the toilet. What I realized that I know walk into stalls with more unflushed toilets than I ever did before. Either people 1) are overly dependent on the auto-flush and don't wait/care to see if it actually flushes or 2) can't find the sometimes impossibly small button to push when the sensor fails. I know there have been times when I've had to search for it. Ultimately, it's a lot more effort than pulling down on a little flush handle.

I know it's weird, but now when I walk into a stall and I see a real flusher, in the back of my head I rejoice. The auto-flush is a piece of technology I would be happy without. It's much easier for me to use my foot to flush than waiting for a sensor.

And a least I don't have to pray that the bathroom has air dryers to dry my skirt.




The real L.A. love story. said...

hi "bitches":

i like how you keep things real here and enjoy your little bios. keep the sarcasm going and i'll be back for more.

Bi said...

I love it (aka HATE IT!!!) when the water splashes on the actual toilet seat from the auto-flush, and you're not sure if it's toilet water or urine. Either way, I'm doing the squat!

Keely said...

Just came across your blog from another and your newest post stole my heart. Auto-flush is an epic FAILURE. My favorite is when it flushes while you're still sitting there! Really, did you think I got up?

I adore old fashioned handles I can flush with my foot.

Jing said...

Good call. You know what I feel like is equally as bad (if not worse) than the auto-flush? The automatic hand towel dispenser. I hate having to wait the 15 seconds it takes to roll out the paper towel that is too small to dry your hands, so then you have to wave your hand again to get a 2nd one. And then when its sensor is not working or jammed, you can't even manually get a paper towel out of it.

Kate said...

I too despise auto-flush, but mainly because it seems to always auto-flush while I'm still sitting on it - sometimes more than once. What a waste of water!

Gemma said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who suffers from the auto flush flushing while i'm still on the loo.

I want normal buttons/ handles back.

Georgina Dollface said...

I'm not crazy about the auto-flushers either. I hate it when they go off and I'm still on the damn thing. It's a toilet, not a bidet. - G

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