Monday, September 20, 2010

monday musings or why i love fall and hate bills

I hate when things like bills get in the way and your new job doesn't pay you for 3 weeks and you have to decide between your phone and the internet and you choose the phone because it's an iphone and you have the internet but it still is annoying to try and write a blog post on it.

I also hate when time and life get in the way and you don't get to read peoples amazing posts and comment.

I also hate not having cable and missing all my shows RIGHT before the True Blood finale and the One Tree Hill premiere.

My job is something I don't hate because while the pay is low, the people are great and the time flies by. I work mostly nights about 30 hours a week and I either need another part time time or a great full time job.

Oh! The fabulous Marta Acosta sent me a copy of her new book out September 28 called Haunted Honeymoon. I will be writing a post tomorrow about it, the other book she sent me, and how fabulous she is!

So honestly, I LOVE fall. Adore it. Scarves, come out, cute cardigans and sweaters, hot chocolate, brisk weather that is perfect for curling up with my pups and a good book. I would say I miss my flip flops but I don't because those babies don't get put away until the first snow and even then I wear them around my house. Although this year I'm thinking about slippers maybe? Fall clothes are pretty easy for me but what's been on my mind are what pajamas I am going to wear.

Usually I sleep naked because that's comfortable and I get hot easily and clothes tend to bother me when I sleep and who doesn't feel sexy sleeping naked? The thing is, it does get cold and it's SO much harder to get out of bed when it's freezing. This morning I was pondering what I should do and what pajamas to get while in bed playing Luxor on my iphone which is completely addicting.

Do I get a cute VS pajama set with pants and a tank top? or the VS long sleeved set? Or the set with shorts? Or a nightgown? Or flannels? I like the idea of a night gown but I think I'm leaning towards the VS Dreamer Flannel Pajama, or the VS Pillow Talk Tank pajama. I looked at Gap online and I love the camis and tanks so mixing and matching could be an option. (I also REALLY want to try their jean leggings but with the $ situation, probably not happening).

I think pajamas somehow signify to myself that I am a grown up in my apartment with bills and dogs and responsibilities. It also signifies hope that I want nice pjs for myself and perhaps a future man who stays over and could potentially call himself my boyfriend.

What kind of pajamas do you guys wear? Any suggestions?


Also, as I'm writing this at the library I am privy to the people next to me, the first who talked about doing 5 months in the big house for parole violateion and the next guy who is listening to "Needles and Pins", I'm just glad its a song I like since I can hear it clearly...


LWH said...

Big t-shirt and panties. Anything else gets bunched around my waist. I keep a pair of shorts or a pair of flannel pj bottoms handy to pull on when I get up (plus a pair of socks if it's winter!)

andygirl said...

I'm a big fan of cozy soft sweat pants myself. what can I say? cozy wins every time. and mine are from Pink for VS.

Jennifer said...

I CANNOT sleep with pants on. I'm just a t-shirt kind of girl. But once I get out of bed my skinny legs are freezing so the pants go back on.

And I love fall so much. It makes summer worth it.

leymilne said...

I like to sleep in mens dress shirts. Unconventional, but there is just something about how sexy it feels!

nova said...

I feel you about the whole awesome job that doesn't pay as much as you may need thing because eff part time jobs. To death, bro.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking YESTERDAY about how I miss you & Betty and talking/chatting with you via twitter, email and etc.

I hope that you get paid quickly. I *still* haven't seen the True Blood finale. I will be watching it tonight. (have you tride They sometimes have tv shows and it is free!)

Anonymous said...

Bless you.

SarahNeedsALife said...

I LOVE Hue pajamas. They have every style, but they are so soft and cozy. I prefer nightie dresses because I don't love to sleep in pants.

Here is the link:

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