Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hump Day Hate - Techno Drivers

Yesterday while driving to the mall, I was stopped at a red light when I was assaulted by the loudest, most obnoxious techno music I've ever heard. He was also dancing with what I think were imaginary glow sticks. I turned my head towards the car and he looked at me, smiled, and said "what's up". At least I think that's what he said since I 1) couldn't hear him and 2) am not trained at reading lips. I want to know what's up Mr. Techno? What's up is that I hate you.

You've all witnessed these people - those who think their music is SO super that they want the entire world to hear it. Techno, metal, country, or that guy singing "I'll Make Love to You" at the top of his lungs (that's a true story...use your imagination to determine how that ended). Now, I'm not hating on those who love listening to music turned up in their car. In fact, Veronica and I were masters of this back in high school. However, there's a point where it's so loud that it's problematic. For example:

1) You can't hear an ambulance/fire truck/kid on a bike coming past you - safety first!
2) You get so "into the zone" that you don't notice when the light turns green. Then you can't hear me honk when I'm behind you. We all have places to be. I don't need to be stuck behind you simply because you can't focus on driving.
3) Your music drowns out mine. Not ok.

So Mr. Techno, please put your windows up and turn your music down a few notches so I can listen to Positive K's "I Got a Man" in peace.




Jennifer said...

I had a boyfriend in high school who would turn his music and bass up so loud you could hear him driving up the road, from like, really far away. His whole back seat was a speaker. It was cool then, but now its just annoying.

andygirl said...

I knew this guy a while back that pumped his music so loud (and I think he had like subwoofers or something in his back seat) that the beat actually put him to sleep and he ran his car off the road. it was a miracle no one was hurt. see, kids? loud music can kill.

Chelsy said...

techno music should be reserved for raves. It should never be played in a car, even quietly.
Double hate.

JPO said...

Jennifer from Crying Over Spilled Milk, here!

Just became a follower because I decided I don't hate you! :)

Savannah said...

I agree!! Or the people who have so much base that is shakes your car when they are behind you. And all you can hear is boom boom boom. It's cool though b/c in 5 years I will still have my hearing and those fools won't.

leymilne said...

Ugh so agreed. Noise pollution is the bane of my existence most days. Another pet peeve? Kids who cry in public and make a bloody scene and the parents just ignore it. I have a two year old--tantrums suck. But I'll leave a cart full of groceries if she won't stop. Seriously people, parent, don't ignore!

Anonymous said...

I tend to play music fairly loudly on the road (but not dangerous loud; I hate it when I can't hear sirens!) but always turn it down at stop signs/stop lights a) so people don't look at me funny and b) because it's totally unnecessary. Fortunately it's not techno music though :)

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