Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm hating on today like Sue Sylvester hates on Mr Schue.

So today is a bunch of random hates building up the last few days.

Hey @brandabouttown, why do you use the same bloggers for all your events/giveaways who invite the same people to their parties but never buy stuff? All the"Nintendo enthusiasts" you have never seem to buy much. How about sending some of that love over here? Between Betty and myself, we know tons of girls/people who love and spend lots of money on games and whatnot. Hook us up and we'll invite bloggers who have cash and who never get the good invites. This is coming from a girl who has been a Nintendo fan since the first year it came out and her brother got 2 because it was so unsure who could even get one that we got lucky. I've rocked almost every version of gameboy, had the cube, have a DS, and love the wii (even though i don't have one but Betty does). My fav Nintendo game? Bubble Bobble! Okay...it might be Littlest Pet Shop but whatever! I still rock out to some NBA games and LOVE me some Call of Duty. So, hook some new people up, get some fresh blood and feedback!

Also? How come the same bloggers always get the same awesome giveaways and never send the gifts or their friends always seem to mysteriously win? What's up with that [ohhhh eeee whats up with that, whats up with that? I love you Kenan!]

Hey, people on my block? Seriously, SHUT UP! I am still hating on you. STOP making comments so that I have to change my dog walking route in order not to be harassed. I hate you.

Hey bad drivers, USE A TURN SIGNAL!! I am not a mind reader and when you slam on your brakes to turn with no notice, NOT COOL! Also, pulling out into the road to make a left and blocking traffic and then when you see it and have the room to back up and let me go and don't, go f*** yourself. Seriously, who gave you a license? Do not. I repeat, do not. give me that extremely stupid and fake blank look like 'what? I don't know why you would be mad I'm blocking traffic because I think I'm better since I drive a Mercedes." You're really not fooling anyone.

Hey motorcycles/bikes? If you want cars to respect you, respect the road. If I can't weave through cars during traffic, you can't either. If you want to make up your own lanes in between cars, don't wonder why cars hate you. Bikers, honestly where do I even start? First off wear helmets and then go find a mountain to climb.

Hey people who think Glee and Lady Gaga should be guilty pleasures that I should be embarrassed about? I don't think so. I need to feel no guilt about liking those things (especially when they are combined {Kurt: Lady Gaga is a woman! She's only the biggest pop act to come along in decades. She's boundary-pushing, the most theatrical performer of our generation, and she changes her look faster than Brit changes sexual partners.} I like that on my shelf I have my romance novels next to Vonnegut. I have a vampire shelf full of Charlaine Harris Sookie Books, True Blood DVDs, Twilight books and movies, and an Edward doll. It was on sale and I bought and so what? I have no guilt about what's on my DVR (Glee, a soap opera, True Blood, and Hannah Montana). I like what I like and no one is going to tell me that I should feel bad. I will say it proud and loud that I adore musicals. And what?

Now I'm going to put in Twilight on this super rainy day and enjoy me some Edward Cullen being awkward and hot and polite.




Jennifer said...

What up with that? I love Kenan too! That song totally gets stuck in my head!

I don't even bother to enter giveaways because the same people always win. They're just a ploy to get people to comment.

andygirl said...

you preach it, sistah! I hate bad drivers too. I swear that the drivers in my town are all clinically retarded. I start almost every day cussing at some jertard who cut me off.

and Glee is heaven. the end.

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you live anywhere near St. Louis? I am a new Nintendo Ambassador adn LOVE inviting new people to the Nintendo events but there's a serious shortage of bloggers in my area =( I try to spread the love around and I promise that when I do giveaways I use random.org and do not play favorites. HOWEVER I do understand your concerns and hear you loud and clear. If they ask for recommendations on people for ambassadors I'll definitely suggest you!

Edward Cullen makes any day better. As does Mr. Schu. And Glee.

leymilne said...

I crank Glee and Lady Gaga in the morning during my hour long commute to work. Even better--now I can crank Glee singing Lady Gaga! Love your hating, and don't be embarrassed to like what you like!

Erin said...

Seriously, what does a girl have to do to get some love from Brand About Town? I'm just saying...I'm awesome, I know people, I can whore myself out with the best of them.

Bad drivers make me want to scream! It's been raining here for weeks, and it's like people magically forget how to drive when it's rainy out. Grrr.

Kris said...

Ooooohhhh eeeee... what's up with that? What's up with that?

Ya got it my head. ;)

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