Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is my dance space, this is your dance space...

Tonight I went to a dance class at my gym. While I don't love going to the gym, I really look forward to the dance classes they offer. However, I don't look forward to some of the people in my class. It's not everyone, maybe half of the class. So 50% of my gym dance classes - I hate you.

The problems start out before the class even starts. These classes at my gym are really popular and definitely fill up. The gym decided that members need to sign in at the front desk when they arrive if they want to take the class so they can make sure that the room isn't over capacity. In a class that has a lot of jumping/turning/arms flying, significant space is essential. However, people seem to think that they are above this policy and walk right past the desk into the dance room. Today I signed in 10 minutes before class started and only 1/4 of the list was full. However, walking into the room I saw that only a few more people could fit. And you know that 15 more people showed up before class started and another showed up halfway through the class. Fellow dancers - you are not above the policy. Trust me, you will benefit by following the rules. Don't think I'm afraid to talk to the manager if there are too many people in there. I will.

Next, there is the issue of where people stand. Today a guy in the class was well over 6 feet tall. First, I will give props to this guy - men tend to stay away from dance classes which is a shame because it's a killer workout. However, he decided to stand in the front row right in front of the instructor. I'm short - I couldn't see past him. I'm sure he's aware that he's tall - be a little considerate of the shorter people in the class and move to the right or left.

While we're on the topic of where people stand, classmates - please don't stand next to me if it will only leave 6 inches of space when there is a much roomier spot somewhere else in the classroom. I should start by saying that I have a dancing background. I pick up steps really quickly and I do them full out for the entire class. I don't expect everyone to be able to do this - the steps are tough and fast and it can be really hard to catch on. I fully support these people coming to class. However, if you can't pick up the steps, or even better, step to the right each time the instructor says "step to the left", leave adequate space. Patrick Swayze said it best in Dirty Dancing: "This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don't go into yours. You don't go into mine."

Finally, as cute as some of your clothes may (or may not) be when you're walking down the street, it doesn't mean that they are appropriate for a dance class. If your long sleeve shirt has long, dangling pieces of fabric with beads attached, please don't wear it to class. When you turn and flap your arms, it may end up hurting someone. For example, you may hit me...on my left arm...and leave a painful red mark. Not ok. And if you do hit me, please apologize.

In conclusion, please think for 2 seconds before going to dance class. And maybe just stay a little further away from me.




andygirl said...

oh man I think I love you! I am a dancer too and I hate all those things. fo sho. also: girls who wear bobby pins to dance class and they end up on the floor where they will stab my feet or legs when I do floor work. people who just stand in the back and don't even try (what are you doing here?). girls who wear slutty outfits to class (I don't want to see your hooha, thanks!). yeesh.

Daisy said...

Haha this is a great post, I love that line and have used it many an occasion. I still watch and love theHills, so Veronica most def hates me already! Ha

Raquel said...

LOL! Who wears beads to the gym! Speaking of gym etiquette, wanna know what I hate? People who wear perfume/cologne to work out. Ugh, makes me want to barf.

Jennifer said...

Spaghetti arms!

I hate going to classes at the gym cause I always end up with an old lady right in front of me and I have to watch her jiggle for the next hour. On the plus side, its good motivation to stay skinny, so I don't end up like her!

Anonymous said...

People are so oblivious to others it's ridiculous. The tall people in the front drives me nuts. I'm a little girl, and it sucks in every setting! Don't they know they are tall? It should be second nature to them to think that maybe some people are short and might need to see what's going on. Keep hating!

LiLu said...

I spent half of my 2 mile to work venting to my father about how the rest of the world (aka commuters) are fucking OBLIVIOUS MORONS.

And by that I mean, in my Way with a capital W.

It's like a Rush Hour Dance... of hell.

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