Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hump Day Hate.

If John Mayer has sung about something, I probably hate it. Okay maybe that's not entirely true because I still think your body is a wonderland and sometimes you should just say what you need to say but I in no way back up his angsty ways as he does, singing "it might be a quarter life crisis".

What. the. fuck.

Lilu's fabulous tweet inspired this hump day hate. {which is going to be a feature of this blog although it will usually be a picture and a few lines}. So apparently a QLC is the new black is the new pink is the new glen coco.

Let's break this down. A bunch of people are in their twenties and decide they are going to find themselves. They are going to throw caution and student loans to wind and run off. Maybe they're going to quit their job or school or they're just going to blog and blog. and blog. and blog. about what life really is and how they are going to j.k. livin like Matthew Mcconaughey. How is it a crisis? Isn't that called life? I hate people who have to act pretentious about life.

Yeah I said it. It's becoming pretentious. All of us are living life and I don't think that at 25 we are really in such a "crisis". Finding yourself is the new beer pong. I guess I thought what you do after 18/college/early twenties is called experience, my bad...

Now slow down people, I am not hating on love and happiness and people coming together for good. I love the idea that people want to be true to themselves and be happy. I am just sick of every blog being about how life is so hard and difficult and what am I going to do and I am just going to be ME and find out who I really am. Sometimes I honestly find it rather smug.

I like my life of reality tv and working and being with friends and living life without wondering every 5 seconds if it's enough and if I'm on the right path. I like just living.

Sometimes we miss the forest for the trees. I hate how everything has to be meaningful and authentic, god forbid things be silly or without purpose or even a bit snarky (like this blog). It's funny because everything we do is authentic because it's us. Even when we aren't being true to ourselves, it's still who we are.

I hate having to be told that I am not living enough or that I should keep searching.

I love my life and I sometimes hate it and I accept that life has ups and downs and that it isn't a crisis, it's just what it is. Life. So hate on this blog and tell me that I've had too much haterade and should switch to some vitamin water and a granola bar. My vodka/lemonade is just fine thanks.




Paige said...

So funny. Although I do love me some J-May. But reading that "Finding yourself is the new beer pong" literally made me laugh out loud. Well said!

Jennifer said...

I agree that just living life should be enough. Quit trying to find meaning in everything and start living your life. And how exactly do you find yourself? Where did you go and why is it so hard to find you?

Kerri said...

I think I'm in love with you. And this blog.

..::erin::.. said...

"Haterade" - Love it!

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