Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something to say?

So Betty and I love all your comments!! It's fun to see people hating on things like we do.

Since this is an anonymous blog, we want to open it up to people who want to bitch about something but don't want to use their own blog. You can email us at: and we'll post whatever you want us to.

Also, you can send in random hates and anonymous or not (whatever you prefer) we'll post them here and people can see what else is being hated on. You can send us anything, we're up for all feedback and if you love something, send it too!!

We love reading all your blogs and we'll be commenting more but you know what we hate? Having to switch in and out of our personal gmails to the whylu one. Ohhh can we be WhyLu like lilu is lilu? Lilu, lets us know lol (seriously though follow my blog crush on twitter @LivitLuvit)

So keep on hating like Michael Jackson keeps making money (too soon?) or Heidi Montag/Pratt keeps getting plastic surgery!

Also thanks alot to @brandabouttown for being so awesomely nice to us after out last post. We heart you!!


Betty and Veronica


andygirl said...

you guys rock lobster!

LiLu said...

Hahahaha OF COURSE. You guys can be my mini-me's as you spew all the hate I no longer can. Big Brother, I mean MTV is watching!!!


Johngy said...

Interesting blog. Thanks for pointing me here yesterday. I am hoping not to see you hating Johngy's Beat.

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