Friday, July 16, 2010

Pessimist Pete's, I hate you

I hate bad hair days, stubbing my toes, and negative people.

When something bad happens, I like to be witty, bitchy, silly and laugh it off. So when I see people bitching and moaning over useless things without a shed of positivity, it really annoys me. Sometimes bad things just happen. Sometimes you have car problems, spill on your favorite shirt, don't get a job you want, etc.

Sometimes your city makes you pay $75 for a sticker and then another $25 for your zone which they don't tell you in their renewal letter and you go with a $100, some meant to be gas money and they add on a $5.50 fee and you're all wtf? and they don't let you split payments with cash and credit and it becomes a hot mess and then your check engine light comes on a week after you just spent $60 to have it looked at and fixed...

I hate when people can never see the bright side or just remember tomorrow is another day. I hate having friends who just continually complain. If every conversation we have is about all the things wrong in your life and all 'woe is me', I will eventually stop calling you after I try slapping some sunshine into you and pumping some positivity into your complaint filed lungs.

Case in point: I had a good friend from high school who I always talked to and we got along very well until she got engaged. Now we had never agreed on many things but that was okay because agreement does not make a friendship. So when she got engaged she did not. stop. bitching. I'm sorry but if you're mom is paying for your too expensive wedding and you're only allowed 5 friends out of 75 guests, that's your own fault. I don't care about trolleys and overpriced wedding gowns and the fact that your wedding is black tie and only serving chicken or fish? redic. Black tie= steak. Eventually she complained about so much, I just stopped answering the calls. If she had even acted a little bit thankful someone was going to pay for a wedding which most people would be grateful for, I would have had some sympathy.

I have had friends, co-workers, family, and randoms on the train be that annoying negative person. I have been that person when I worked at a soul sucking job which drained my happiness. {When I realized I was being a grouch, I quit and went back to school.}

I just can't take another person bitching without anything positive being said. Also, do you think people really care about your every little problem? They really don't. You just come off spoiled and self absorbed and immature. It also just looks pathetic. A few complaints or a blog/tweet/phone call bitching about a bad day/week is completely understandable but when it becomes how people recognize you? Not good. You don't want to become a person who people roll their eyes at when they mention your name.

Things sometimes suck and we have all had those days but you know what? Make wine out of sour grapes. Call your best friend and bitch. Watch your favorite dvd and enjoy a quiet night. Go to the gym. Vent it on a blog and be done. Put the bullshit on the back burner. When you wake up the next day, it's a whole new ballgame. See your family.

After I overpaid for my stupid parking stickers yesterday, I was basically broke (thanks unemployment). I headed over to my Grandmas to take her and my little cousin to the church carnival opening night. We played games and headed to bingo. I was really nervous because I only had a few dollars left and after a round or two of paying for us, I was cashless.

And then I won Bingo. A few rounds later, I won again.

My Grandma says it because God knew I needed some help. Call it whatever you want but it came at just the right time. I wont $50 total and had money to pay for a bunch more games and whatnot and give them a great night.

So when people want to call me, email, invite me to lunch/dinner/hang out and ruin my meal with their negativity, please don't. I only have so much sympathy. Maybe if you didn't complain about every single thing I would actually feel bad for you. The over exaggeration of complaints needs to stop. Trust me, it's no wonder most of the top offenders I know are single.

Constant complainers, Negative Nancy's, Debbie Downers, Pessimist Pete's, I hate you.



{Please note: I'm sure it sounds funny to some people that I would say, on a blog that's called "we hate you. love, us" that I hate negativity but it's true. There is a huge difference in making fun of things you don't like, laughing about it, and making light of bad situations. I mean it's obviously crazy to think that a person can not be annoyed or dislike things. So if I am going to hate, it's going to be funny, true, and that's that.}

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LiLu said...

I never knew the male term for a Negative Nancy. You're so educational!

Thanks love :-)

Bitter Betty said...

you forgot Bitter Betty (wink)

Meg O. said...

I'm totally using your term for Pessimist Pete. Ooh, and Bitter Betty. LOVE IT.

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

My boyfriend and I use Grumpy Gus.

Also, when people bitch and moan and do nothing, I call that "idle bitching." And nope, I have NO PATIENCE for it.

Anonymous said...

I have (had) a friend who was also the complaining sort. It gets to bad that it's literally toxic. At least I think so! Bitter Betty is pretty great though :)

andygirl said...

I used to have a coworker who was a constant martyr. the world is awful. everyone hates her blah blah blah. I always wanted to slap her and tell her to pull it together, that we all have the same stress and her whining wasn't making mine any easier. people who complain that much just bring the rest of us down.

I find that people just need an outlet for griping: therapy, a pet, a blog, exercise, etc. And I think that's what this blog is: a funny outlet for the annoying crap in the world.

LovelyBee said...

That is so true; this is so what I wanted to blog about TODAY! You took the words right out my mouth. I'm your newest follower and just because your blog is called "We hate.You love us" doesn't mean that even you cannot see the silver lining in all things.

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