Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Up With...The Shakeweight

On Saturday night, I was all curled up watching bad television when I counted not one...not two...but three times where I saw a commercial for the Shake Weight and had to quickly change the channel. Now, not all infomercials bother me. In fact, I will admit that sometimes I'll get so drawn into one that I'll sit through the entire 30 minute presentation.

When I first saw a commercial for the Shake Weight, it made me laugh in an "isn't that silly" way. I also laughed because I have a dirty know what I mean. But as more time has gone on, I find myself saying "ok really, this is just ridiculous." And now there's Shake Weight for Men. Now I ask you: what up with that? Honestly, I don't get it. Is anyone really just sitting on their couch shaking this thing? Because I can think of several things I'd rather shake:

1) A metal shaker full of vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, lime juice, and ice. Then I can burn the calories I'm about to consume in a delicious cosmopolitan.

2) A tambourine. In my dreams I'd like to flash back to the 60's and be a hot girl in a rock group standing on a pedestal in the back shaking a tambourine. Or like Madonna in her video for "Get Into the Groove".

3) My tailfeather...or bon bon...or groove thing...or rump.

Shake Weight commercial - I hate you.




Jennifer said...

I agree! How can you not think dirty thoughts when you see that commercial? And they sell them at Wal-Mart now, so I see them everytime I get groceries. Yuck!

andygirl said...

Well, darling Betty, you could always kick Valerie out of Josie and the Pussy Cats and take over the tambourine. Is it dorky that I know all that about the Archie comics? Or awesome?

Chelsy said...

bahahahaha! i LOATHE the shake weight. loathe it. if even your lazy enough to be looking for an easy way to exercise, just stop now. muscles are not for you.
plus- it does not take a dirty mind to be disturbed by that thing. i'm embarassed to watch the commercial.

myuncensoredlife said...

Thank God I'm not the only one who thinks dirty thoughts when I see this commercial or the actual shakeweight in a store. I would MUCH rather shake my tailfeather ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think the commercials are ridculous too. What's REALLY FUNNY is that when I was in Indy in May, one of the ladies at the salon that we went to? SWEARS by the thing. She attributes her entire upper body and core to the shake weight. She even demonstrated what she had to do in order to use it properly which was kind of funny. I have no idea if I believe her or not, but she did have great upper arms.

Me? I'd rather lift real weights than use the shake weight if I wanted to be toned and fit.

Paige said...

hahaha omg everytime I see that commercial I DIE laughing. left you ladies something over on my blog :)

JPO said...

I'm thinking about buying it and using it in front of my husband as a foreplay/workout all rolled into one. You think it'll work??~ :)

One Blonde Girl said...

"sometimes I'll get so drawn into one that I'll sit through the entire 30 minute presentation"

Me too. Me too.

I was at the mall the other day with the Man, and we went into one of those As Seen On TV stores, and the Shake Weight was there. He tried to get me to shake it but I couldn't stop laughing at him while he was doing it. So vulgar.

Candy said...

Ugh- haven't seen that one yet! Sounds ridic!

DSS said...

I have always laughed at this product, and then a girlfriend of mine bought one. She only just confessed last week. Well, she says it's working. Her arms are toning up. I thought about it, but I bought another set of 2lb. weights to use while watching TV instead :)

Jiselle N. said...

I much rather shake #1 also! Extra shot of vodka please!!!

Meg O. said...

I love to hate the Shake Weight. DAMN STRAIGHT. Love your blog, hater. -Meg @

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